Who We Are



Jonathan Day, Fire Chief

Kenny Reynolds, Assistant Chief


Station 91

Larry Stadland, Captain

Charlie Day

Jim Henthorn

Scott Johnson

Tyler Touchton

Tammy Henderson

Tyler Shiltz

Andrew Applewhite

Scotty Prescott

Becky Prescott

 Nick Taylor

Susan Johnson

Corie Dickey 

Station 92

Preston Mickenny

Preston Prater

Kayla Mann

Josh Mann

Amanda Hessler

Thom Brooks


Station 93

Joseph Simpson, Captain

Jeff Jackson, Lieutenant

Will Bronk

Jon St. Louis

Jennifer Simpson

Veronica Jackson

Charmayne Jackson

Zachariah Prescott

Jessie Fuller

Eric Menchaca

Nick Miskell

Allyson Horton

Aaron Presley 

Glenn Raffield

Terry Raffield


Jennifer Simpson

Tammy Henderson

Clyde Standland

Thom Brooks

John Knopes, Chaplain

Department Board


Joe Simpson, Chair

Scott Johnson, Vice Charman

Larry Standland, Secretary/Treasurer

Veronica Jackson, Director

Jennifer Simpson, Director

Kenneth Reynolds, Director

Jim Henthorn, Director

District Commissioners

Steve Richards, Chairman

Charlie Day, Vice Chairman

Larry Standland, Secretary/Treasurer

Thom Brooks, Commissioner

Sandy Jack Brown, Commissioner


Argyle Fire District began operation 1979 when several citizens of the community of Argyle, Florida began to discuss the need for fire protection in the area. Initially composed of Allison Day, Carl Day, Kenneth Gillis, Oliver Scott, Thad Wallace, Charlie Day, Bob Cole, Casey Hawkins, David Chandler, Columbus Gillis, Bill Adkison, and others to seek ways to get the Volunteer Fire Department organized and operational. Some of them were ex-Navy Seals and had firefighting skills and experience. They had accumulated some firefighting equipment and manuals, which they used to begin the early training of the first firefighters for Argyle. Carl Day was the first chief for the fledgling fire department.

It was not until 1981 that the Walton County Board of County Commissioners officially established the Argyle Volunteer Fire Department with their Articles of Incorporation. This established the current geographical boundaries of the Argyle Fire District. There was no money supplied to Argyle Fire Department and it operated on funds received from bake sales, chili suppers, raffles and donations for many years, slowly growing and increasing their capabilities.

In 1984 the members the Department decided to ask the citizens of the Argyle Fire District to support a referendum that would establish an annual special tax assessment of $25 per occupied dwelling to help fund the Argyle Fire district. The referendum would also establish the Argyle Fire District, which would be managed by an elected five-member Board of Commissioners. The referendum passed, and the first Board of Directors was elected at the same time. The first Commissioners were Ron Pugh, John Day, Tommy Yates, BobColeand Bill Adkinson. With a steady and predictable source of income, the AVFD was able to upgrade vehicles and equipment enabling the department to provide better fire protection and suppression and to improve and expand the training and education of the volunteer firefighters.

From its beginning, the Argyle Fire District established a reputation of high-level firefighting skills, quick response, and excellence in training regimens. This was due to the dedicated efforts of all members, but especially the hard work, dedication, and commitment of the Department's Chiefs: Carl Day, L. C. Griggs, Charlie Day, who served as Chief for over 24 years, and the current Fire Chief, Jonathan Day.
Today Argyle Fire Department has a fleet of three pumpers, two assault units, one rescue truck, one tanker, one brush unit, one rehab unit. Argyle has a total of 30 members with three stations within a 95 square mile area.



Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be children of God

Matthew 5:9

Timothy Padgett

Army Sgt. Timothy P. Padgett, was killed in Afghanistan on May 8, 2007.  He was a member of the Argyle Fire District. Sgt. Padgett's street is named “Tim Padgett Way”. The street was given his name on November 28, 2008 at 11:00AM in Walton County Florida. He is survived by his mother Glenda Penton, who lives in Defuniak Springs and a daughter Summer Lynn. Timothy was on a recon mission when he was hit in the right arm's main artery. Being the medic that he was, he managed to stop the bleeding but started bleeding elsewhere. He was only 28 years old. Timothy graduated in 1997 from Walton High School. He was also a paramedic and served in the National Guard and changed over to be chosen for Special Ops and Green Beret, being a medic in his unit. Timothy eventually wanted to become either a doctor or physicians' assistant.

Bill Adkison

Bill Adkison was one of the original members of AVFD and former Captain.

He has since passed, but will always be remembered and loved for the dedication he had given to the fire department.

Brandon Foret

It is with great sorrow and heavy hearts that we have to tell you that we lost a member of our fire department on the night of May 8th. We lost a great, kind hearted person and he will be greatly missed. Brandon Foret was voted into the fire department on May 7th of this month, but he has been in training for the last Month. Brandon was going to get his LPN license to become a nurse and help people. Though we did not know Brandon or his family very long, he was one of us and will forever be a part of out family at Argyle Volunteer Fire Department! Our prayers go out to his family and friends. We have lost a great person and family member. Brandon made an impact.  Only family will know just how much!



Argyle Fire Department
67 Fire Department Avenue

P.O. Box 61 (mailing)
Argyle, FL, 32422

Emergency: 911
Firehouse: 850.892.4702

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