Calls for Service

2021 Calls for service

January: 76

February: 84

The Argyle Fire District responds to hundreds of calls for service every year. These calls include fires, medical assists, traffic crashes, and many others! The members of the Argyle Fire District do our absolute best to provide our citizens the utmost professional service possible during their time of need.

Last year's stats

The AVFD responded to 676 calls for service in 2020!

Special Incident Call: 9

Weather Related Incident: 11

Service Call: 90

Medical Assist: 366

Explosion: 1

Hazardous Condition: 37

Good Intent Call: 75

Fire: 78

False Alarm: 9


Special Incident: Department specific calls, Operation Santa, Standby for activities, parades.

Weather Related: Downed trees, Water rescues, Downed powerlines, Water over the road.

Service Call: Lift assists, non-emergency calls.

Medical Assist: Any type of medical emergency.

Explosion:... Ya know, when stuff blows up! 

Hazardous Condition: Hazardous materials incident.

Good Intent: Any time 911 is called but there is no incident at the reported location.

Fire: Structure fires, Vehicle fires, Outside fires, really anything that burns!

False Alarm: False fire or smoke alarm activation.