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Grant Received

Argyle was able to obtain a grant for 28 new Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses (SCBA's) 3 Rapid Intervention Team bags (RIT) 28 spare bottles and Masks.

This grant was written by DH Grants and was awarded through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG). This grant allowed us to replace all of our older packs.

Argyle members have taken the last four weeks and trained with these packs. Over the course of the four weeks member trained on the basic knowledge of the air packs how they function and features, Black out training, Rapid Intervention with low air in limited visibility, Firefighter CPR, Breaching walls and windows and working in debris, Vent enter search operations.

We would like to thank Sunbelt Fire and Chip Crooms for the ease of the purchase.

These air packs will ensure your Argyle firefighters will be able to safely breath air while working interior fires.


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