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Gun Raffle

Alright everyone do I have an opportunity for you!! AVFD has teamed up with Enforcement Firearms to be able to bring you a raffle for a firearm that you can not only pick, but also have customized to your liking in the house! Enforcement Firearms not only has a wide variety of some of the best brands and newest models of firearms, but they are home to one of if not the best gunsmiths in the state. So help support the growth of all of us here at AVFD and take a chance at having some fun for yourself and pick up a handful of tickets!! . Tickets are $20 apiece with only 75, that's right only 75 slots available before the drawing! For ticket sales contact Aaron Presley via Facebook or give him a call at 850-333-8090, tickets will also be available at our turkey shoot events on Wednesday nights starting Oct 14th. Thanks and God Bless!

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