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Extrication Training

Liberty Fire District is hosting an Extrication Training see Details:


As was discussed in the last Chiefs Meeting, Liberty Fire District is sponsoring an Extrication Class tomorrow, 3 Nov 18 starting at 10 AM CST. The location has changed from the Liberty South Station (3278 US Hwy 90) to the old SADISCO Yard, which is the AIA Catastrophe Yard location (on the left, just prior to Caswell Rd on US HWY 331 North).

They have over 2,000 vehicles in this Catastrophe Yard of all makes and models, including, boats, Recreational Vehicles, Motorcycles, Side-by-sides/UTVs, etc.... They have some vehicles prepped for us to cut-up and practice different Extrication, cribbing, and lifting techniques. So bring your tools!

The class will be led by Southern Rescue Tools of South Florida and concentrate on the Rescue Jacks Lifting/Stabilization Struts, USAR Cribbing Packages, and a variety of High Pressure and Low Pressure Air Bags/Lifting Bags, which we just had delivered (training was part of the deal).

All Fire Departments are invited to attend this Mutual Aid training event. We are trying to form a Heavy Rescue Extrication Team (participants from multiple departments) for the future, in support of the entire Region. Bring your PPE and your rescue tools (or you can just use ours).

On a side note: This is a good opportunity to see the vehicles close-up before the insurance auctions. All of GEICO and Progressive Insurance claimed vehicles are in this yard from Hurricane Michael. They literally have every make and model of vehicle in this yard. From Smart Cars to Corvettes Trucks, Cadillac's and Mercedes Benz! It is impressive to see the results of mother nature!

We look forward to an exciting event with lot's of hands-on demonstrations...........

Assistant Chief Tony Roy Liberty Fire District


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