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Take The Opportunity!!

When you can take opportunities take them and use them to the fullest! Argyle was offered to use the prop room at one of Walton County Fire Rescue stations so we jumped on the opportunity.

It is nice for a change of pace and place from time to time. Not every home is the same and the same should be said for where you train.

We took this opportunity to do Search and Rescue training. Our members completed several scenarios in this prop room. From a down firefighter to a patient. Locating them in different areas and levels of difficulty. We used different types of drags with and without webbing.

We are looking for new members to Join Our Family. If you are interested go to and download an application. Fire One Class will be starting soon so now is the time. We will vote on new members on May 6th, 2024 7

pm located at station 91 address is 67 Fire Department Avenue.


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