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Up on the roof top, make a hole quick! vent the roof, vent the roof says Ole' Saint Nick!

Santa Clause will be coming to visit the citizens of the Argyle Fire District in style! Santa can be seen riding with the crews of Argyle Engine 901 on the following dates around 6pm: Dec 17th, 21st, and finally on Dec 23rd! Be sure to bring out the little ones as Santa rides by and shouts a Merry Christmas to all the good boys and girls!

Route for December 17th: Juniper Lake and Cat Island communities.

Route for December 21st: Old Landfill and North/South Norwood communities.

Route for December 23rd: Argyle community.

Follow our Facebook page for route changes and any updates for #OperationSanta!!

Contact Chief Jonathan Day for any special requests concerning Santa! Cell 850.419.0170


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